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26-06-2008 08:49:46

So, I got my wii fit two days ago. I love it! I do about 45 minutes of walking a day and combine it with 1 hour of wii fit. So far, I lost 4 pounds. I got quite a ways to go for my goal, but this is fun. I see the wii fit as a motivator for more exercise outdoors. I like the dancing and skiing games. ) Any of you have it, and are using it daily? Share your stories. )


26-06-2008 13:30:48

I have no stories, but if you're looking to lose weight, walking doesn't actually do much. You need to power walk (almost at jogging speed) and get your heart rate up, if your heart rate isn't up, you won't lose weight D

Ha, using video games to lose weight has got to be the coolest thing I've ever heard though D


26-06-2008 14:09:44

Walking doesn't do much but if done enough and consistently, you will end up losing some weight as compared to doing nothing.

That being said, you didn't lose 4 pounds in 2 days with 45 mins of walking and 1 hr of wiifit unless you also starved yourself. That's just impossible. You weight varies throughout the day so it probably has more to do with that. I agree wiifit is a good motivating tool though.


26-06-2008 16:30:23

[quote14ffbae45c="hehehhehe"]You weight varies throughout the day[/quote14ffbae45c]

Isn't that a pisser? My weight varies almost ten pounds from weigh in to weigh in. One day I was 170 and I was all excited but the next day I was down to 165 ( It's so hard to gain weight. I cry.

Anyway, sorry to hijack your thread D


26-06-2008 16:51:28

Well, I did change the amount of food I eat. I am eat normal portions. So, that had a lot to do with it. Also, it has been 3 days should have said that instead of 2. Add some big shits into the equation, and it is possible.


26-06-2008 19:51:26

Even in 3 days, it's just not possible to REALLY lose 4 pounds from those activities. Think about it. One pound is 3,500 calories. Walking outside for 45 minutes, we'll say you do 3 miles. It depends on your weight, but walking a mile is about 100 calories. That's just 900 burnt in three days from walking. An hour on wiifit won't burn that much either, although it depends on the activity.

Like I said, it's just from regular weight variance. Would you really be happy if you lost 4 pounds from going to the bathroom a lot, or do you want to actually lose weight? Maybe you also took a big #2 before the second weigh-in, while maybe you had that extra weight the first time. A big shit's not going to weigh 4 pounds either though. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, I'd be happy for you if you lost a lot of weight that way but it's just not going to happen. Just weigh yourself everyday and you'll see it's like a stock market graph, with a lot of short term variance but a a tendency will clearly be seen if you are either losing or gaining weight.

If you're serious about losing weight, start running. Don't power walk because you'll just look like a jackass out there.

So what's your BMI and what did you set as your target (if you are trying to lose weight)? Maybe making it public will motivate you even more. D


26-06-2008 20:04:42

Try running and lifting instead of the Wii Fit.


27-06-2008 01:40:48

I dont think using wiifit alone would help anyone lose weight by just playing that game. I would have to agree with tylerc and try running and lifting along with a proper diet. But use wiifit for your pre-workouts and data plotting chart.
This is a link of someone who works at ign who uses wiifit along with lifting and running who is actually slimming down. I dont know if he is just doing it for a month, but from the looks of it he is doing really well.


27-06-2008 03:55:58

Come on PB, post back, you know i'm ready to rattle off some useful info on the subject D


27-06-2008 06:46:53

I know the 4 pounds wasn't actually 4 pure pounds, but hence I weigh 4 pounds less. I already do some running and lifting. I'm not just using the wii fit. The wii fit is more for fun and stuff. I'm trying to work on it, hopefully it works out. Just have to stick with it.


27-06-2008 08:39:41

I love how this thread changed into a Weight Losing class.

Back on Topic...

That wii fit looks pretty awesome though even though I havent gotten a chance to try it. My roomate has a Wii so maybe ill have to convince him to buy it.


27-06-2008 08:52:54

[quoteaa516f8585="zr2152"]I love how this thread changed into a Weight Losing class.

Back on Topic...

That wii fit looks pretty awesome though even though I havent gotten a chance to try it. My roomate has a Wii so maybe ill have to convince him to buy it.[/quoteaa516f8585]
If you knew what wiifit was like, you'd know it wasn't that big of a stretch. A big part of wiifit is weight management.


27-06-2008 09:59:39

The wii fit is extremely fun! It's more for fun than serious weight loss. I like it, it's like a good weight loss journal. There are going to be a lot of fun games that come out for it. Wii Ski is already out and is pretty good however it doesn't take full advantage of the board. One of the best things about the wii fit is the yoga exercises. I do all of them before I work out outside. It's a good way to stretch, and it is as if you have a personal trainer. I actually did not think the wii fit would be this much fun. It's so innovative.


27-06-2008 15:21:52

Walking can be great for weight loss. It all depends on the person really. Some people can use walking as their only excerise and loose weight while others can walk miles and not lose anything.

Diet and excerise need to be based on the individual, which is why I've never been on a diet program. But then again, I know my body better then most people ever will know theirs.

Powerbook, you are doing good walking and using Wii Fit. I'm pretty sure that both combine should be getting your body to the fat burning stage. Usually, if you do any activity that gets your blood pumping within an half an hour is good excerise.

I personally use swimming and walking to burn fat and its been doing me good. That along with a diet broken down into 6 or more meals during the day within 3000 calories.

When eatting, the thing is you can't wait until you are hungry to eat. That is the WORSE time to eat. You should eat when you feel you need energy or when those first tickles of hunger hit your mind. Eatting when you are "straving" means you are going to have to eat twice as much as you need to get to a "normal" level. Eatting when you need a boost or first feel the need to eat means you only have a little to get back to the normal-ness.

The way I time it, I eat every 2-3 hours after I "break my fast". If three hours go by and I don't really feel the need to eat, I just pick up some fruit or eat a slice of whole wheat bread with some peanut butter on it. If I DO feel the need to eat, I grab a yogurt cup and fix either a sandwich OR some quick meat like fish or boneless chicken, and a green veggie like spinch, collards or brocolli. A toaster oven has become my best friend because I can fix my quick meat and have a from the stove taste without wasting gas/electric.

Having tons of seasonings is a great way to replace flavor without using butter or salt. You'll be surprised how many calories you can cut by not using butter and salt in your cooking. Also, marinades and glazes is a good way as well just watch how much calories are in them. I only have three seasonings in my cabinet that has salt in it and thats Seasoned Meat Tenderizer, "Old Bay" Seasoning, and Lemon Pepper. Good seasonings to pick up Salt-Free Seasoning Salt (ironic name, no?), Garlic POWDER, Onion POWDER, Chilli Powder, Ground Sage, Poultry Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, Crushed Red Pepper (or Ground), WHOLE Black Pepper, and those that I named. Also cooking with beer, wine, or vinegars is a good, healthy way to flavor food.

Here's some articles that helped me out

1) http//[]http// (healthy alternatives)

2) http//[]http// (35 Fat Burning Foods)

3) http//[]http// (Learn When You Need To Eat...THIS ONE IS A MUST READ FOR ANYONE DIETING)

4) http//[]http// (An overview)

5) http//[]http// (BIG, simple mistakes we make dieting)

Yea, I use to use the Wii to warm up with before taking an hour walk. Helped me burn 10 pounds in one month. I bet the Wii Fit program is even better!


27-06-2008 17:58:53

yeah, the wii fit is a good warm up. The more advanced strength exercises and aerobics are sweet. I'm on a 2000 calorie diet I believe.


28-06-2008 06:54:12

Cool! I was on a 2000 calorie diet and I actually found I was gaining weight inside of losing so I switched to 3000 calorie and started getting the results I wanted. For me, at 2000, I was still finding myself starving and not getting everything I needed to make it through the day.

Are you on a multi-vitamin? If not, I would get one, having most the vitamins in your body that you need throughout the day helps your body send you the right signal to trigger your hunger. My doctor said a multi-vitamin should be EVERYONE'S first choice for a diet pill. The "One-A-Day" brands are a good choice.


01-07-2008 17:18:15

Well I make sure the food I eat gives me the vitamins I need. So far, I lost 9 pounds. )


01-07-2008 20:07:41

Yea, what most people don't realize is that to really get all the vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis, you would have to eat WAAAYYYY outside of a 2000 calorie diet.

Most the food that we eat now a days has been stripped of most of their good properties. Like milk that you receive from the market doesn't have as much calicum as it did 20 years ago.

Green veggies have about 32% less vitamins and minerals then they use to 20 years ago as well.

Multi-vitamin isn't suppose to replace you trying to get your vitamins and minerals from food but just to help you get everything you need so you won't have to overeat to get it.


03-07-2008 14:11:24

I just won an auction for WiiFit on ebay, considering its sold out in all stores. Looking forward to it )


13-07-2008 12:17:58

My mommy just told me she was going to get a Wii for my brothers for christmas.

She asked me what game I thought I should get for them and guess what I told her...

lisneaky smileli


19-07-2008 09:31:38

Its nearly impossible to find wii fits! I have been looking for weeks and cannot find one anywhere.


21-09-2008 22:18:51

i wonder if people actually get fit playing wii fit..