Flight Sim X, NFS Carbon, Crysis, C&C Tiberium

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17-06-2008 09:17:19

Since I haven't cashed out any consoles on freebie sites yet, I'm sticking to my new PC.


I'm a flight sim fanatic, currently playing FSX w/ acceleration expansion.
3rd party add-ons are what makes the game for me. Whether planes or apps. The more real the better. Right now I need more AI traffic.

Feel free to ask or mention add-ons used!!!


[bff42b81a11]Need For Speed Carbon[/bff42b81a11]

fun game to play for a few minutes everyday (I run through a few races) compared to FSX which takes time to setup flights. It's pretty easy! Just don't go driving in real life after playing!!


Awesome graphics!!!! Fun story! Pretty easy to beat (on normal), I take that back, easy to get to the end guy and then find out because of a bug you can't finish the game, unless you want to try multiple times from the begining of the end chapter. Still working on multiplayer, just played head to head with friend.

[bff42b81a11]C&C Tiberium War w/ expansion[/bff42b81a11]

Still learning, a bit different then generals.