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16-06-2008 17:10:47

OH MY GOD! I didn't think the series could get any higher and this game made me feel such primal emotions.

One minute I'm laughing, the next I'm feel like I'm truly fighting for my life, and the next I'm crying like there is no tomorrow.

A video game has NEVER made me cry before. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a Solid Snake fan all the way.

I've loved Snake since my SNES games playing Metal Gear 2. The ending to this game blew my mind...

What does everyone else feel about this? Do you think MGS4 really is the end to the whole series? Do you think they'll come out with a MGS5?

If so, where do you think they'll take it?


18-06-2008 19:07:01

i dont think it is the end of the series just the end of snakes story.
there will be more metal gear, big bosses genes are all over the place.


19-06-2008 10:13:53

[spoiler722fee3a38]Well, actually, Big Boss' genes would die with Snake. Liquid is dead, Solidus is dead, Big Boss is now FINALLY dead (though I was sad to see him go, within those 20 minutes of his apperance and exit, it really changed my whole view about him, I cried for him), and Solid Snake is about to die any day now. The PMC soldiers DON'T have any gene therapy in them so they don't carry Big Boss' genes. It is truly the end of a legacy...[/spoiler722fee3a38]

In the end, Snake MADE the Metal Gear series so interesting. I mean, wasn't it one of the main compliants with MGS 2 that there wasn't enough game play as Snake. I mean, Raiden is pretty good but Snake is the reason why we spend HOURS staring at a TV screen. He's just kickass and has a sexy voice...lidroolli

Anyway, if they are going to come out with an MSG5. I think they'll probably do something that fills in the gaps between MSG and MSG2. It was a pretty huge hole between the two. I would like to know what Snake and Otacon did that whole time. I would also like to see more into the war between Major Zero and Big Boss.

But I trust the MG team that if they do start another storyline, it WON'T disappointment. As long as H.K. is at the helm, all is good.


23-06-2008 07:49:27

U know they cloned big boss but all this time they should have cloned "The Boss" or "The Joy" she was the major bad ass.


23-06-2008 13:44:11

Wasn't Liquid, Solidus, and Solid the only clones of Big Boss? The Geno soldiers from MGS1 were implanted with 60 genes FROM Big Boss but they weren't copies of him.

[spoiler0c175aff02]The body that burned when Revolver threw it in the fire was pieces of Solidus and Liquid's bodies put together. Big Boss, who showed up at the end of the game, was trapped inside of one of the A.I.s (I want to say GW but I could be wrong) in a deep sleep. When the worm cut off The Patriots' hold on everything, it also released Big Boss from his sleep.[/spoiler0c175aff02]

But I could have missed something somewhere so if I did, please fill me in!


28-08-2008 06:04:21

Almost finished with this on the new PS3, I just started Act 5 last night (landed on Liquid's ship).

I don't know if it's the game or the PS3, but this is the first shooter I've been able to comfortably adapt to on a console, after having bought & tried several others. Being a long-time mouse+keyboard player on PC's, I've always hated shooters on consoles and give up long before I get anywhere with them. MGS4 has been different, and after about 20 minutes of fumbling around, I got the hang of it and have been on a streak ever since.

I've avoided the Metal Gear series up until now, so in order to understand all the references to past events and characters, I went and researched the whole backstory, all the way back to MGS1. Although a bit contrived at times, the story is quite entertaining and would make a good movie if done right (Uwe Boll, stay away).


01-09-2008 17:11:36

I also just recently purchased a PlayStation 3 and beat Metal Gear Solid 4 and I thought the game was amazing. I the only Metal Gear game I haven't played was Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater. I don't know but that game did not appeal to me. I might try and pick it up now since I have beat Metal Gear Solid 4.

[quote7e877336fd="dmorris68"]... Although a bit contrived at times, the story is quite entertaining and would make a good movie if done right (Uwe Boll, stay away).[/quote7e877336fd]
They are going to make a movie out of Metal Gear Solid so if that movie does good they probably will end up making a movie out of all the games. It is too early for me to judge the movie now but I am skeptical that it will be as good as the games.