Okay, I'll Start

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16-06-2008 10:32:56

The only video game I currently play is Full Tilt Poker online.

However, it's eerily fishy how miraculous the river card ALWAYS is. Something tells me it's rigged because I've seen too many crazy things on there.

Besides that, once in a while I'll bang out the 64 and play either Goldeneye or either of the Zeldas. I love them. I used to be really really really really into video games but then I suddenly lost all urge to play them. It was a sad day.


16-06-2008 10:55:31

I'm replying to your Poker comments in the Sports & Other Games forum, where I think online poker fits better than here, since online poker parallels live poker and isn't necessarily a "video game," at least when real money is at stake.