Official Wii Thread (Add Your Friend ID)

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02-05-2008 19:52:35

There's one for the 360 so why not have one for the Wii?

I got a Wii a couple of days ago and it's awesome. I've only got Mario Kart, Zelda and Game Party so far.

Add your friend ID and and we can play online, I'm pretty much only playing Mario Kart online though. I'll update the thread as they're posted.

Wii 1468-9160-0710-0028
Mario Kart 4596-9991-2250


03-05-2008 00:06:39

Mine is [bf920d18683]2621-0316-2256-0437[/colorf920d18683][/bf920d18683]
[bf920d18683]MK 5284-2043-1819[/colorf920d18683]
Brawl 2449-4442-6956 [/colorf920d18683]
Dr. Mario Online 1791-3909-7003[/colorf920d18683][/bf920d18683]
Just got my wii back from repairs for the second time. My wii number has changed so I edited the old one out.
Pm me if you add me so I know to add you.


03-05-2008 08:35:22

It is kinda slow but I was downloading at the same time so that may have had an affect on it, but it probably took a few minutes from when I selected multiplayer to actually starting the race.


04-05-2008 09:09:19

Separate user ID numbers for each game? Now that's just plain silly.


04-05-2008 09:55:03

[quotef2d22ba35a="h3x"]Separate user ID numbers for each game? Now that's just plain silly.[/quotef2d22ba35a]
Hey, I might not want people to know I'm playing "Barbie Pet Rescue" so I only give out the ID for those games I want them to know about.



04-05-2008 10:20:08

We should just make "add each other in online gaming" thread and sticky that.


06-05-2008 13:13:04

wii 6980-2623-6671-8715
brawl 3866-7843-3071


25-05-2008 20:48:53

MK 5456 0394 7133


26-05-2008 17:22:19

MK 3952 7656 3534


26-05-2008 20:42:03

Sweet, thanks people.

I'm'a add you both tonight. D

I'll give you $1 for every time you beat me on DK Summit. ;)


27-05-2008 10:40:58

Anyone want to play some Mario kart tonight?


27-05-2008 11:31:59

[quote3512541e69="hitnaui"]Anyone want to play some Mario kart tonight?[/quote3512541e69]

I'll be around after 11pm EST.


24-06-2008 03:20:52

i think this thread would look awesome in the video game forum D


24-06-2008 08:53:56

I think you're right.


12-12-2008 23:57:51

A little late, but I just got Mario Kart a week ago.