Warhawk. Made me pull out the ole PS3.

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30-08-2007 14:44:52

I downloaded Warhawk 2 days ago from the playstation store for $40, and it's been a blast. It's an online only game with up to 32 players per game. You can switch from being a foot soldier, a warhawk pilot, tank driver, truck driver/gunner, turret user, anti aircraft silo operator and more at any time you want. You don't even have to wait until you die to switch jobs. Also, if you buy the box version instead of downloading it, you get a free bluetooth headset. This game is definitely a must have for PS3 owners. It's keeping my busy until halo 3 comes out. Anybody else have it so I can add you? Only flaw is the steep learning curve.


30-08-2007 17:59:23

Does indeed seem like it would provide some addictive pick-up-and-go multi-player action. But, the bluetooth headset (along with instruction manual) that you get when purchasing Warhawk physically instead of digitally, are NOT free. You pay $60 in stores for the game, instead of $40 from the PSN.

Still, seems like a funsies game.


01-09-2007 01:10:04

Can't believe I forgot to mention that it's $60 for the box version P

Anyway, I just had two friends over and we were playing online having a blast because we were all communicating. Definitely the most fun game out for the PS3.