New lens purchase, hurrah

Live forum:


16-09-2008 20:11:59

Picked up a slightly used (purchased in May 08) 18-200mm VR today, with UV filter, for $575. Pretty happy about that as I was having a hard time justifying getting one new for $750+tax when I already have the 18-55 kit and 55-200 VR (going to try to sell those). I've also got a 50mm f1.8D.

I think my setup is pretty complete now, all I need is a decent flash (think I'm going to order the SB600 as it's on sale at Best Buy and I still need to spend the gift cards that Twon gave me a sweet deal on).


16-09-2008 20:26:06

Damn, that's a nice chunk o' change. Any samples from it yet?