yes, please. One Nikon D90 to go.

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27-08-2008 08:03:17

Nikon D90 Official First DSLR Ever With HD Video Recording

As rumored, Nikon's D90 is the first-ever DSLR with HD video recording, but maybe more importantly for actual photographers, Nikon is promising much of the same low-noise performance of their higher end DSLRs. The brand new 12.3-megapixel image sensor was developed in-house like the D3 and D700's (the D300 uses a Sony sensor) and you can crank the ISO up to 6400, so we're hopeful. It's a mutant DSLR (not in a bad way) bringing down features from the higher-end cameras at the same time it cribs more hold-your-hand consumer stuff from the point-and-shoots. Now about that HD video.

It shoots 1280x720p video at 24fps with a 169 aspect ratio for up to five minutes, producing around a 600MB file. It's essentially recording the Live View feed (which gets its own button) so focus is locked because the mirror has moved out of the way, and you get mono sound. The major appeal is that it'll work with any of your lenses, so you can do wacky HD clips with a fisheye lens on the (relatively) cheap or be artsy and use a shallow depth of field.

•Scene recognition system from D3 and D300, but with 420-pixel RGB sensor—versus their 1,005-pixel sensor&msash;and face detection (it auto-detects the photograph's subject and sets focus, white balance, exposure, flash, etc.)
•Playback will automatically zoom on a face
•Active D-lighting from D700 (auto-adjusts highlights and shadows)
•Advanced scene mode can do things like detect a VR lens to apply image stabilization and use a slower shutter speed, rather than crank up the ISO
•Live View has face priority like point-and-shoots and their fastest Live View autofocus yet</p>

•ISO 200-3200, 100 and 6400 in extended range
•12-bit conversion rate
•4.5FPS burst, up to 50 in JPEG, seven in 12-bit NEF
•11 autofocus points
•same 3-inch LCD from other Ds
•100,000 cycle shutter</p>
It'll be $999 body only, or $1299 with a new 18-105mm f3.5/5.6 VR lens that will retail for $485 on its own next month. For you bargain hunters, expect the D80 to drop in price, and the D70 to become super scarce (but probably cheap), if it's not already.


27-08-2008 14:56:37

I'll take two.


27-08-2008 15:38:20


I'll take one of David's.


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03-01-2009 15:41:24

Got one of these guys today.



03-01-2009 19:54:33

Jammy bastard!

How is it? Any example pics?


03-01-2009 21:06:40



03-01-2009 23:29:07

egads. I was thinking about it...but...meh. I like my D40 plenty. Plus I'm currently unemployed, so no spending for me...


04-01-2009 01:30:50

It's friggin' awesome! This is my first DSLR, and I haven't used an SLR in ages so I'll have to relearn everything. They are offering free classes at wolf camera where I bought it. So i'll slowly get into the swing of using it. In the meantime anyone know any good online photography guides/resources?


04-01-2009 01:43:02 has lots of good info.


04-01-2009 01:48:06

cool ill check it out, thanks Jen!


20-02-2009 22:01:00

Any update on how it's working out for you, Justin?

The reviews and posts on forums that I'm reading about it are all in praise of it.