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16-08-2008 15:37:41

I've been playing around with HDR, producing 5 exposures from one RAW image. Unfortunately this method (as opposed to actually shooting 5 exposures) produces a bit of noise, but it's a cool effect.

http//rhernals.smugmug.com/photos/352965793_bdXiu-L-2.jpg[" alt=""/img9fa9330d57]


16-08-2008 17:37:03

That looks pretty nice. Did you use photomatix?

Maybe it's my choice of photos and/or lack of skills but I have never had any luck with making an HDR image.


17-08-2008 06:33:00

I've been using this tutorial http//stuckincustoms.com/2006/06/06/548/ and found it to be pretty awesome.


17-08-2008 13:02:17

My first attempt at an HDR photo. Grand Canyon this summer using 5 exposures in JPEG format in Photomatix.

http/" alt=""/img154.imageshack.us/img="154/6679/grandcanyonhdruo4.jpg[" alt=""/img47bb83da2a]