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15-08-2008 20:16:53

A couple shots of my puggle, Rufus, with my new (to me) D80 and 50mm f/1.8 lens. TSJ and Dmo, I highly recommend that lens.. cheap, and very very sharp. Jenny, the lens would work on the D40 but it won't autofocus.. still a good deal if you don't mind manually focusing.

Edit Just noticed the blown out highlights on his chest (
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16-08-2008 15:36:12

Here's a couple more

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16-08-2008 17:39:25


I hate you for having gotten a D80 and having a dog.

I have that same lens too (gotta love the depth of field you get with it) but have gotten used to manual focusing it on my D40x.


16-08-2008 22:03:24

Damn, CG, that really is a nice lense.

Good pics too.


17-08-2008 08:25:51

Nice shots!

I've thought about this lens myself. My only concern was that it wasn't a DX lens, but a standard SLR lens. So the 50mm focal length translates to around 75mm for a DSLR. Seems kinda long for a general purpose lens, especially for indoor shots. Yet people still rave over it, even those with digitals, and many recommend it for indoor, low-light shooting. I take it you don't find the focal length too limiting?

I may have to pick one of these up.


17-08-2008 11:22:54

Thanks guys

Dmo - I've definitely not had a problem with the focal length, though usually when I have the 50mm lens on, I've got a subject in mind and can position myself accordingly.

I'd probably prefer a 30mm lens, but for the price ($100), I don't think the 50mm can be beat.


17-08-2008 11:42:12

Hot damn that dog is sexah.


17-08-2008 12:12:01

I love the look on his face in the first pic. lol