Digicam Cash - Legit?

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09-07-2008 13:04:00

I'm not sure whether to put this in the photography section or Off-topic, since it kind of covers both. Feel free to move it if it is better suited there.

I was looking on craigslist for a part time job to make some extra cash, and one of the things I stumbled upon was this site
Basically, you take pictures of random stuff and upload it to the site. When people buy one of your pictures, you receive commission. Has anyone heard of this site, or had any luck making cash off of it?


09-07-2008 13:35:02

I don't know how legit this site is, but there are many sites which let you sell your photos.


09-07-2008 13:37:06

Sounds like a typical amateur stock photo site, there are several of them. I don't believe I've heard of that one, so I doubt it's one of the bigger/more popular sites. I don't recall the bigger ones I've run across before as I wasn't interested -- it's enough of a struggle taking all the family photos I have to take, I don't have time to wander around looking for stock subjects. To make any sort of income with those sites you have to upload a LOT of good photos and sell a TON of them.

And yeah this topic seems most suited for the Photography forum, especially if a discussion arises around it. Moving in 3, 2, 1...


09-07-2008 13:53:11

lol @ http//www.digicamcash.com/images/mypic.jpg[" alt=""/imgdad4bccd5b]


09-07-2008 14:22:35

You have to pay to be a member there...that suggests it's a pyramid scheme. Why wouldn't they just take a skim off the price of the photos they sell for you if they were legit?


09-07-2008 15:17:57

I did a little research on stock photo sites a while back, but never got into it. On the bigger sites you need a small portfolio to start with. You get accepted/rejected by the quality/uniqueness. It also seems like the market is pretty saturated. Just search for a term on one of the stock sites and you get tons of pictures. Didn't seem like it was worth it.

If you're (still) interested