Some Photos From Ireland (56k Warning)

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08-07-2008 18:03:54

I took probably 900+ pictures over 3 cameras. I have some photos on this laptop so I thought I'd share. Here are some of my favs, I haven't looked through nearly all of them so I'll be uploading sporadically. The full album is here http// - Google also reduced the quality so I wish I could show you the best quality but I can't

[b09cd7e8607]Listowel Garage (w/ Kitten)[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]Dingle Port Storage Door[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]My Hand[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]Some stairs my brother and I found while searching an abandoned castle[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]Rose Garden[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]An ice storage house out on the lake[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]Near the ice house (ME!)[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]Grass court (First time I've ever played on one)[/b09cd7e8607]

[b09cd7e8607]Killarney National Park[/b09cd7e8607]


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08-07-2008 19:56:25

I have to say I LOVE the one with your hand, and the last one is very Ansel Adams'ish.


08-07-2008 20:18:40

Yeah I liked the hand picture too, and the ice storage house made me think of blair witch project.

I wish I could play on grass for once... I played on an indoor surface that's supposed to play like it, where the ball would just skid and shoot lower and faster than you'd expect.


09-07-2008 08:58:52

Ah thanks for the responses, I really love Ansel Adams so I appreciate that. Thing is I really hate photographing landscape cuz I can never capture the color I want (which is why I resort to BW). I'll look more into it.

And grass courts are ridiculous to play on. I play on my high school team and every now and then we get clay courts to play on which is a blast but theses grass courts just keep the spin of the ball and legitimately let the ball slide 6-7inches.

I'll be posting more as I upload them.


09-07-2008 09:25:18

I like the door in Dingle Port Storage Door, but the sky is reaaally boring in B&W. You might want to take a stab at taking some pics of a partly cloudy sky, and photoshop that in there to see how it looks.