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07-07-2008 12:58:51

Not sure if this thread fits here, feel free to move it accordingly.

Anyway, I was wondering who here works with Adobe Photoshop, or anything similar. I'd love to see the work of all you computer artists out there!


07-07-2008 13:06:07

I've used PS and similar tools for years to do everything from photo touch-ups/crops/montages/etc to logo and graphic work for web and publishing purposes. Wouldn't call myself an artist though, I'm not that good at creating content from scratch, but am pretty decent at taking something and altering it.

I stopped using Photoshop itself years ago after I swore off pirating the thing and couldn't justify buying it. I now use Gimp which can do just about anything (at least with 8-bit color) that Photoshop can do, but for free. You just have to work harder at it sometimes, since PS gives you a lot of hand-holding plugins and filters. Gimp does have a fair share of them however, and can even use some PS plugins. Once you get used to it, it's as productive as PS, at least for someone like me.

However if I were doing photography work on a semi-professional basis, I would spring for PS+Lightroom, as that is the common language that virtually all pro photographers speak, so it's easier to collaborate with other photographers, processing labs, etc.


07-07-2008 13:12:13

Gimp sounds like a very interesting program! I might have checked it out if I had known about it before acquiring my legit version of Photoshop P

Most of the time, I'll open Photoshop and make things from scratch, but obviously it has its huge benefits with photo editing. Usually I'll get so into editing a photo, that it won't even look like the photo I started it by the time I'm done with it. It's difficult for me to just make small adjustments, I always feel like there's more and more to do P


07-07-2008 22:31:37

I use it quite a bit. Not too much for making things from scratch (except the occasional logo for a site) but often for banners/ads and stuff.


18-11-2009 14:28:30

I'm going to go ahead and bump this thread...

I need help with a Christmas card. I have an idea in my head but I don't have the skillz to actually put it together.

Anybody out there worked with photoshop in the last 15 months?