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04-07-2008 10:48:21

Anyone taking pictures tonight? I'll probably just take pictures of the locals setting them off instead of going to a show.

I've never managed to master taking decent fireworks pictures, but I plan to use my tripod and remote to try to get at least a few decent ones.

Tips, anyone?


04-07-2008 11:43:26

I just stumbled onto this article on Lifehacker.. check it out



04-07-2008 12:38:12

those are good tips but i dont have a lot of my accessories yet


07-07-2008 09:11:06

So my fireworks pictures pretty much all turned out like shit, but I took these during the day which I thought turned out better than my fireworks ones did.

It's my niece and the neighbour's dog.

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[img="5f87fad6b6]http/" alt=""/"77/3652/dsc1725smallye1.png[" alt=""/img5f87fad6b6]