Cheap accesories for your DSLR

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17-06-2008 18:51:40

I bought a bunch of cheap stuff off dealextreme for my camera last month.

I got a flash diffuser, which works pretty well for a piece of plastic. I normally hate flash because of the harsh shadows, but the diffuser spreads the light around to reduce that. Some photos I took with the flash don't even look like I used flash.
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I got a macro lens adapter which lets you take super close up photos. No glass is involved.
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I also got the infrared remote. The real Nikon branded one isn't expensive but I figured I'd get one for $7 (looks just like the real one) since I was getting other stuff.
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You would think they would make the hoods cheaper, but right now they're around $10.

Here you'll see stuff for your Nikons if you want some random crap

If you have a Canon you can just do a search for Canon.


17-06-2008 19:35:19

Cool, I've bought several things from DealExtreme (and their prior incarnation) over the years, but never realized they carried camera gear like this. ) Think I'll try their Nikon cable release, I have the Nikon remote but you have to be in front of the camera or use the shutter timer to get out of the way. The Nikon branded release isn't expensive either, but still more than twice what DealExtreme wants for the cheap import. It's worth the few bucks to try anyway.


17-06-2008 23:18:13

Sweet! Thanks D I'll definitely be buying some stuff tomorrow. I've been looking for a lens hood, and a macro tube adapter would also be a good buy.


03-07-2008 15:26:37

Ive been looking for a remote and a lens adapter and i didnt know about the macro tube adapter, that goes between the sensor and the lens right?


14-07-2008 15:34:05

Yeah, how does the macro adapter work? I was thinking about getting a macro lens but this seems like a more sensible approach. I'm very interested in macro stuff (bugs, flowers, fingertips).


14-07-2008 15:58:10

The adapter goes in between the sensor and the lens. I tried it indoors and it worked fine with some added light but in general you'll need some good light (so bugs and flowers outdoors should be fine).

You can even "hold it against the camera body around the wrong way, and push the aperture clip on the lens in" without buying anything (but I don't recommend it)


14-07-2008 21:23:09

I think I'm gonna get that diffuser, looks pretty cool. How heavy is it and is it bulky at all?

Does it look like it would work with an external flash?


15-07-2008 08:34:51

[quote404433e933="theysayjump"]I think I'm gonna get that diffuser, looks pretty cool. How heavy is it and is it bulky at all?

Does it look like it would work with an external flash?[/quote404433e933]
It's pretty light and the two pieces can be disassembled for easy storing.

If you want to use the built-in flash diffuser with an external flash, it should work but you'd have to rig it up somehow (like with tape). They seem to carry diffusers for various external flashes too, but they are over $15.


15-07-2008 19:31:49

Good stuff at that place. Or at least Good enough.