First shots with my D40

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16-06-2008 17:18:31

I don't want to post my Flickr link here, as there's some family pics there as well. I'll work on finding some other hosting that holds exif data. In the meantime, let me know if you want any of the exif data from these.

Edit I re-did my Flickr album, so the links don't work anymore. There's lots of other shots in the other threads though.


16-06-2008 18:04:50

Those are some nice pictures =].
For some reason, the one with the wood and leaves seems to appeal to me most.

sandra habina

18-06-2008 18:38:07

AWESOME PHOTOS - the cloud photo with the streak of light is amazing.

Nice job CG )


18-06-2008 19:00:12

Yeah, I like the wood fence best. Nice pics! Which lenses do you have?


19-06-2008 02:16:14

[quote8400d49ef4="JennyWren"]Yeah, I like the wood fence best. Nice pics! Which lenses do you have?[/quote8400d49ef4]

Thanks, that's turning into one of my favorites as well.

The only lens I have right now is the kit lens (18-55mm). It's really versatile. I plan on sticking with just that one for a while, maybe picking up a telephoto lens in a few months.


19-06-2008 10:16:12

The 18-55mm Nikon kit lens is exceptional for the cost, the equivalent Canon kit lenses don't come close from what I've heard. I've even heard Canon people say they wish they could use that lens. There is a higher end Nikon kit that includes an 18-135mm zoom lens, but I hear that lens isn't nearly as good as the 18-55mm lens.

I have a 55-200mm VR zoom lens in addition to the 18-55mm kit lens. Ideally I would get the 18-200mm VR, but that's $600+ as opposed to just over $200 for the 55-200. It just means I have to swap lenses instead of having both in one lens, something I'm willing to do for now. Outdoors, I rarely use the kit lens anymore unless I need to get close to my subject or need an exceptionally wide field of view. Even indoors I get away with using the longer lens much of the time, I just have to have some space and proper lighting.


19-06-2008 12:58:33

I'm digging the sun one, that's awesome.

By "Digging" I mean, "enjoying," not submitting to Digg. D


19-06-2008 18:19:32

I'm in the process of totally redoing my Flickr albums, so a lot of the links are about to die right now


23-06-2008 14:15:19

How do you like the D40. I am not a camera expert by any means, more of a point, click, maybe do some touchup in fireworks but that is about it. I want a camera I can take really nice HQ pictures of my son and whatnot, yay? nay?


23-06-2008 15:55:55

I'd be hesitant to recommend it as purely a point & shoot camera. If you think you'll eventually learn and play with some manual settings, focusing, etc, then I would say go for it.

But if you just want a nice camera for family snapshots, I would recommend a high-end point & shoot with a good zoom.


23-06-2008 16:37:20

Those are really nice.


03-07-2008 15:15:31

i learned most of my photography techniques (for Digital) from Canon cameras but i picked up a nikon D60 and i am very pleased