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16-06-2008 09:32:09

With all the different levels of photography expertise on our forum, I think it would be really cool to get some critique threads going. If you take a shot that you want people to look at, start a thread here with "Critique Photo description" in the Subject.

I would suggest that you host the image somewhere such as Flickr, that posts your exif data. Or at the very least, give the relevant information in your post (shutter speed, aperature, ISO settings, etc).

All I ask is that you keep the critiques constructive -- whether it's just saying what you do or don't like in the image, suggestions on manual settings, or composition tips. I think we can all help each other improve.


16-06-2008 09:38:56

Agreed, I'm still a rank amateur at this stuff. I do have some photog friends that are great about offering tips, but we don't share a lot of real photos, and I'm not comfortable enough yet to throw myself to the wolves on a real photography forum. )

I think my weaknesses have less to do with the technical operation of the camera equipment, and more to do with simple creativity. "Seeing" the shot that others don't see, creative framing techniques, etc. I find that many of my photos still have that "touristy" P&S snapshot look to them. Then again I'm my own worst critic, so who knows.

I have a Flickr account but nothing in it yet. I will probably prefer to link to my photos on my self-hosted Gallery server, which does retain and post EXIF data. I'm still working on getting Gallery tuned, but will hopefully have it ready soon.


16-06-2008 10:04:21

I think my main problem is not only finding the time to go out and take pictures, but there's a distinct lack of anything interesting here to photograph. Of course, you can find interesting things in the mundane but I think I've covered most of that already.

Here's my Flickr account if anyone wants to critique


I haven't used it in a while and I've taken quite a few pics since then, so maybe I'll upload some more.


16-06-2008 12:10:25

I'm in the same boat as TSJ. The area around me is completely boring to photograph. Anything interesting has been overdone (southwest style adobe, desert landscape, etc.). You have to travel at least 70mi. to find anything worth photographing. Downtown is also too small to experiment with.

Not to mention the weather. I've heard that cloudy weather is the best to shoot in since the clouds act as a diffuser. However, we never get any cloudy weather. It's always sunny, harsh light. It makes for boring, washed-out photos. I can't shoot at night since I'm at work, and I'm too lazy to get up early. It's hard to find time to shoot also.

The photos that I have taken I will try and set up a master photo critique thread. I just have to organize and choose the best ones ?

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