Make a song FiPG collab

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11-09-2008 20:35:47

Is anyone interested in this? Essentially, I will select a person for each instrument/part and see what we can build from. The only catch is that you must have some sort of recording capabilities. Average recording is fine, poor recording is not. This is just an idea and I used to do it on a forum I was part of but the creator never released the final track. IF you guys/gals are interested, post here. To start off with we can either 1) Write lyrics or 2) Write/Record Melody. This would be fun. I can play keyboard/synth/moog great so I might automatically make myself that part unless someone has a clever idea that they can record. So lets see where this goes. Shoot some idizzles.


22-09-2008 06:42:02

I think that this would be a pretty fun Idea. Me and my friend used to record some stuff this way. He lived at the time at college 3 hours away, so he would record a part and send it to me and then i would add a part and send it back and we would go vise versa till a song was done. I mainly play guitar (acoustic or bass) but can also do bass and some basic piano if needed. I also sing and play drums (though i dont have the ability to record them). If drums are needed, I can make some drum loops unless there are other drummers available.


22-09-2008 18:36:26

Alright great. I can mark you down for guitar/bass and beats. Lets see if we can get some real drums or else we should start. This will be fun.


22-09-2008 18:39:51

i'm a drummer, but my kit isn't set up atm and, well, i have no way to record it either, so I guess I'm kind of worthless to you, which sucks because drums are the one thing I'm good at in life.

that and making bad decisions.