The Official "TOOL" Thread

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20-07-2008 16:43:38

I'm giving this a shot, we'll see what the mods think about this one, but J4, Ajasax and I seem to take over a good deal of threads with random Tool speak. I know there is a music thread, but hopefully this can take away our incessant need to threadjack all the poor innocent bystanders.


J4, that "book" was bad ass. There was a lot of stuff that I had no idea about, i.e. what "Prison Sex" was really about, how their original bassist was fired (and didn't actually "quit") etc, etc. The only thing I wish they had was more commentary from Danny. I mean, Maynard and Adam pretty much ran the interviews without too much input from Danny, and whenever it seemed like Carey would go off on an interesting tangent, it was cut short for another Maynard commentary.

I would have liked to have read more about just exactly HOW danny comes up with these crazy ass rhythms. I've heard rumors that he sets his drums up in a shape resembling a pentagram, but that shape is what allows his ergonomic use of all of his drums. I'd like to know if he used math and logic to create his beats or if it just comes to him. They seem far too complicated to just have been created with no sort of organization on pencil and paper.

I DID like how Maynard hinted towards the difficulty of the hidden mixture in 10,000 Days, but did not go out and reveal the secret that is. He just said that it (in and of itself) is incredibly difficult to nail perfectly and if that song(s?) were to fall apart, it would take an emotional toll on him because of what the subject matter means to him.

All in all though, this was cool because it gave us a little bit of insight as to what goes through their heads when they are coming up with this shit, and if someone who was not terribly familiar with tool comes across this writing, he will immediately have a pretty good deal of respect for the members as musicians and artists.

I wouldn't recommend any other band to anyone as I would Tool because they offer something different to the metal scene, (and music in general) that the non-Tool fan is simply missing out on. Not only can what they do enhance your appreciation for music and what it can be, but they do it in such a way that has allowed them to completely rewrite the genre that they are a part of.

Most people hear a bunch of weirdos talking about California falling into the ocean and sodomy involving the entire length of someone's arm, but when it comes down to it, there is just so much more to them in a musical, instrumental and creative sense that every music fan should at least consider giving it a shot.


20-07-2008 20:56:41

I've seen them live twice, Auburn Hills in September 2006 and Fort Wayne (my town) in June 2007. They were awesome both times.


20-07-2008 21:03:19

I don't like how people judge Tool by their fans. I've been noticing that a lot lately. It seems that the upright and conceited nature of some fans pushes people away.

Anyway, in that Revolver special on Tool, the thing that struck me most was when Maynard talked about how hard it is/was for him to sing those difficult songs time and time again with fans that never really "got it." Singing about that over and over and over with people that just don't seem to appreciate it or understand on that level must be really hard. I remember a time when my friend was like, "Let's listen to Prison Sex! Shit blood and cum on my hands!" I was kind of turned off to playing it when he said that because I don't view it like that. I just kind of wish that more people could connect on the same level that I do. "Wings for Marie? Those two slow songs that take forever to pick up?" roll

Another reason as to why Tool is my favorite band is because they have brought me so much more than music. They've introduced me to artists such as Alex Grey and Chet Zar, comedians such as Bill Hicks (sort of heard of him before but never really got into him until Tool), and other important figures such as Timothy Leary. liedit --- snip because no one seems to careli

Aaaaaanyway, yeah I love Tool. Any Tool fan should watch this (even though the quality is uber shitty lol).



20-07-2008 21:07:37

"Alright, let's wrap this up, I've got some internet porn I need to get back to."-Maynard before the encore in Auburn Hills.


22-07-2008 19:34:26

No one commented on the sheer awesomeness of Maynard's voice in that YTMND ( http// )? Fine, enjoy the awesomeness of Maynard in this 15 second clip ---



22-07-2008 19:48:22

the 32 second scream in the grudge is pretty badass. that is my favorite song by them btw.

i liked the video of him screwing up more though P

which subsequently led me to a video of him putting a refugee fan in a choke hold while still carrying on the song. Nice.


01-08-2008 13:25:12

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite song from them. If I had to pick, I'd end up going with Third Eye though. Preferably the live Salival version.


01-08-2008 13:29:49

Really? Why that one?

I'm also going to make a bold choice and say "Right in Two" or "Triad."

Triad is an instrumental, but it's bad ass. And Right in Two is a really good all around song. Complex time signatures, polyrhythms and all sorts of crazy crap.

Any word on when the new cd comes out? We looking at 2012 for that one? haha.


01-08-2008 13:47:27

Because I can enjoy ever 14 minutes of it every time I listen to it. The lyrics are very awesome and very interesting, it has great vocals with good screaming/yelling, and the instruments are very catchy in it too.

I have no idea when the new album comes out. Although I do think it's cool how they take these huge breaks to ensure that their albums don't sound similar. P