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18-07-2008 05:09:50

I started this thread since I didn't really see a thread for this anywhere else. So post what you like from poetry to writing! Links are always welcomed!!!

Here's a section of a story series I'm writing. It's called "The Goth Divine Beginnings". I hope you enjoy!

[iceb5ac0c97]..."Well, M'Lady, this story begins before time was recorded and when the sun was still a baby at best. Before, the earth was a dead planet, save for a few spots here and there. Evil and darkness ruled the planet for the most part and humans, were nothing more but food, another animal to most demons on the earth. But then, one day, a child vampire found himself lost in the forest. It had been days since he last feed and he was still too young to hunt on his own. T'som, the child vampire, was near death by the time a human found him. You would think, since this child was a hunter of humans, the human would have killed him were he laid. No no, the human took T'som back to their village. And nursed him back to health. When T'som came to, he was shocked to find that he was still living and had been saved by this wild animal. But as he saw how the humans lived and quickly learned their tongue, he realized, that these humans weren't animals at all. He had never seen such a beautiful place before. Living trees, healthy animals, and the this part of the earth, the sun rays, though not as they are now, were beautiful. He had been raised to think that places like this were posionous to people like him but, at last, they were not. In fact, the young vampire felt stronger then ever. One day, after being in the human tribe for 2 years, he asked why did they let his kind and others, slay and herd them like animals. His adopted mother, Soam, answered..."

"Because Our Gods said that one day, when enough blood was shed, he will send someone from the darkness to see that the light wasn't what it seems. They will come as a child and you must show them that light isn't wrong, but a much more satsifing way to live. Why destory endlessly when you can help provide life for eternity? The way of evil will only lead to the destruction of everything...even themselves. If it wasn't for the cycle of light, no new children would be born for your kind to eat. No food would grow to keep us humans alive or anyone else. The cycle of life would end. If the cycle of life ends, so will you. Humanity isn't an is a nessessity."

"T'som was shocked by this. Never had he been taught this by his own people. He was taught that life must die in order to achieve supreme victory over the Earth. But now he sees, that when all things are dead, there would be nothing left to hunt, nothing left to feed themselves with, and in the end, the supreme victory would only end up leading to their supreme destruction. He could not let this happen. He asked his adopted mother more about the Gods and how he could talk to them. He wanted to gather everything he could about humans and their ways and take this new message back to his people."

"So for years he stayed with the humans, learning about magic, emotions, how and why life was so important. Year turned into decades and he even took a human as his wife, though he knew he could not give her any children. One day, while saying his daily rites, he was visited by a being which he could only describe as an angel. The being told him that she was a messagner of the Goddess in which he had prayed to and that he must go back to his blood kin and spread what he had learned. At first he agrued with the being, saying he did not want to go back to the cold darkness that was his beginnings but the being showed him the promised he had made when he was a child. The being told him that if he didn't that the cycle of life would end. That he must journey to the center of the evil he was born into and tell them what he had learned. The being told him that by doing this, he was insured a place in the afterlife next to the God and Goddess and that his wife will bare a child that will lead humanity and light to florish for years and years to come. Thinking about the joy that would fill his human wife's life by baring his child, he agreed to do what the being had said."

"He made love to his wife one last time that night before packing up what things he knew he need before setting off towards the heart of the world he had forgetten, the Underworld. He instantly met disapproval as the minions could smell the humanity on him but they were too busy worrying about their next meal that they did not bother with him. The Underworld was in chaos as the food supply was short and diease was running rampant. Though he had come to secretly hate his people, he had learned that it wasn't his or their fault that they were blind by what was taught to them. He spread the word through bars and back alleys, explaining to them why they were in such a bind as they were now. He told them about how the humans florished in spots and showed them the magic and ideas that were taught to him. Slowly, the word spread to others and the knowledge that savoring life and helping it could only, in the end, help them survive and live without fear of anything. But these words didn't woo everyone that they heard. T'som found himself in fights all the time but he, being stronger and more focused, then his blood kin, was always able to outsmart and out strength them. He constantly moved his living location and The UnderKing had a heavy price in food and gold over his head. He lived like this for 10 years before being visited by the being again."

"The being visited him in a dream, showing him how the afterlife would be and telling him that he would soon join her and others here. The being told him that his death would be the only way that the people he taught would rise up and begin to move towards protecting the cycle of life. He asked the being why did he have to die for such a thing to happen. The being simply smiled at him and said, death sometimes needs to happen so life can continue. She asked him did he not see this when the humans were being slayed to continue your people's life and that after enough blood was shed, you came along to renew the hope in the humans. Does not the dung bettle live because an animal died? Does not a mushroom grow strong because the tree it is under is dying, providing it with strong life in its death? The cycle of death and the cycle of life are interconnected. As well as the cycle of evil and the cycle of good. One can not exist without the other and all cycles are interconnected in some way, shape, or form."

"With these words, T'som knew his fate was sealed. He would not get to see the day that things would be in haramony with his human eyes but with his spiritual ones. He looked to the being and only asked one thing. And that was how would his child lead humanity to victory. The being told him that with his death, and old magic that was lost to humanity would be weaved. That his child, who was born of love between two entities that would forever be at war with one another, had a special power locked deep within that would only be brought out with their death. But instead of dying, their body will renew its self, and they will find that they have power over the elements and old magic unseen even to humans. They will be able to travel effortlessly between the earth and the afterlife, though this ablity will not be helpful until generations down the road. This gift will be passed down from your child to their child and so fourth and so on. Not ever decendent of yours will have this ablity but those who do, will be the next leader to humanity and will guide them further into pushing the Underworld back to where they can not destory the cycle of life anymore. It will take generations upon generations to do so. Lots of good men and women will die but their scarifice will not be in vain...hopefully."

"T'som asked why her voice shook when stating her last sentence. And she told him that even those born into the light can easily be swayed into darkness. Even his children would be subject to this. She told him that this war had no true end and because of this, there is no winner. He went to ask why but the being quickly silenced him, telling him that their time grew short. The being disappeared from his dream and he was soon awaken by the sound of The UnderKing's soldiers surrounding his hiding space."

"He fought as hard as he could against the minions that broke into his place but even he wasn't a match for 100s at a time. The UnderKing ordered that his death be public and slow to show his people that protecting life would only end to their death. T'som was impaled on an enchanted pole of elemental heat, causing him great pain but not killing him. He wouldn't die from the impaling but of hungry. The only reason why he was captured was because his best friend, Jo'rol, had given up his location for twice the amount of food and gold the UnderKing had offered up as an reward. Jo'rol, even fashioned the pole in which T'som was impaled on. When word broke out through the people he taught of what had happen, outrage broke out and they hunted down Jo'rol. When Jo'rol ran to the UnderKing's palace of Dreadsire, the UnderKing ordered his gates closed and watched as the mob dragged Jo'rol away. It was then, that Jo'rol realized what T'som had been trying to teach him all along, and died knowing he had betrayed someone who trusted him beyond all others."

"T'som's followers rebelled against the UnderKing, pushing through the city to get T'som. Three days went by and many of T'som's original followers died but more were born from watching the UnderKing's soldiers kill their own and innocents who were not part of the rebellion in the first place. In another three days, T'som's following grew threefold and they were able to retrieve T'som and take him out of the city. But the damage to T'som was uncurable and even with food and drink, he would die from the gaping hole that was threw his body now. Half of his followers stayed and held the soldiers off from stopping the others from getting T'som back to his true home."

"The journey took 2 weeks for the 1,000 followers to complete but once they arrived at the human village, T'som was very near death. T'som smiled as he looked over his home, and was taken to his wife and son's hut. He told his followers and his family what he had learned from the being and that he would die a happy man now that he could see his people and his bloodkin together, working towards making things right. He looked at his son, who was now the age of 22 and told him that he must lead this new group of beings towards that goal and that even though he did not get to see him grow, that he loved him more and more everyday that he was away. He did not tell him of his secret gift, knowing that some tthings must be hidden in order to ensure the right things would be done. He told his wife how much he had missed her and loved her and placed a kiss on her lip before his spirit slipped away from his body and traveled into the afterlife to take its rightful place."

"Years would go by after T'som's death, his son soon began to learn from his bloodkin their ways and soon found ways to defend his home from the soldiers that he knew would make their way there. He set up a line of communacation between his village and those who were still in the Underworld fighting. The original 1,000 followers who had stayed to fight off the soldiers had now grown to 7,000. T'som's son, So'lar, sent word to them that they would slowly change out 500 men every 2 weeks, so they could get training and find peace in the village that could help push the fight further. So'lar also started to beg his people to start pushing the boardies of the light. That it would be to their advantage to widen their land. With every 500 men that came to the village to get trained, the Army Of Humanity, which they had started calling themselves, would gain 500 more yards, pushing the Underworld's boundries closer within themselves. The UnderKing took notice of this and knew that the only way to destory this threat, was to poison it from the inside out."

"The UnderKing soon began plans to taint the Army Of Humanity's faith in their new found word. The King sent 15 spies into his enemy's grounds, using some of the magic Jo'rol had taught him to keep track of them. He lost all but one to the Army Of Humanity's message. His son, Botan. The UnderKing soon learned of So'lar and how he had spread the borders of light almost up to borders of darkness. He also informed his father that now 10,000 more followers were spread across the earth, building a new society based on T'som's teachings. This outrage the King but he knew that he couldn't overpower the army, since his own had twiddled down to 5,000 and he was losing more and more everyday. He knew that his best bet to gain any leverage over the threat, would be by killing So'lar."

"The King informed his son to get close So'lar and then kill him as soon as he had a chance. He told his son that it would take years proably to do it and that the Underworld might even fall before he could get his chance to do so but he would find a way to continue this fight, even into the afterlife. So both the King and his son, slowly began to produce a plan that would change the way the war was fought forever..."

~li~To Be Continued~li~[/iceb5ac0c97]