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09-07-2008 13:55:25

Has this been considered then not implemented for some reason? Does the Official Music Thread suffice? I'm just kind of wondering. A music section could be kind of cool.


09-07-2008 20:19:38

ya rly


09-07-2008 21:18:46

Idea good.

Create will.


09-07-2008 21:33:31

The movie thread is bigger than the music thread... Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge.


10-07-2008 11:25:34

The hottest chick in the wooooooooorld thread is bigger than the movie thread... Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge.

I kid, I kid. ;)


10-07-2008 11:39:57

Let's keep it manageable folks. We can't have a sub-forum for every single interest that 2-3 people share. Now a combined "entertainment media" forum for Music/Movies/Entertainment would probably be a good idea, but we can't go overboard creating sub-forums willy nilly. Keep the general hobby and special interest posts in this top-most forum, the specific stuff in their sub-forums, and everything else in Off-Topic.

As we monitor trends that indicate a large interest across multiple threads related to a specific topic, then we can talk about dedicating a sub-forum.


21-07-2008 19:57:41

so since this is the music form, i will start off with the first "actuall" music post. lol. Well I just saw spill canvas and motion city soundtrack in concert on tuesday. it was awesome. Looking forward to the warped tour coming up and been listening to alot of red jumpsuit and saosin.


21-07-2008 20:06:27

Wait a sec, seriously, I think we should have a Music section. I mean come on, if we have a Photography section...

There are tons of people who love music and I'd say that is more popular amongst everyone than photography. I think it'd be a pretty cool environment. "Just got back from a ________ concert. It was amazing." "Oh yeah? I've loved that band ever since.... bla bla bla." Then you can move that awkwardly placed Tool thread in there. lol


21-07-2008 20:11:03

I agree, photography can't be nearly as popular as movies/music.


27-07-2008 21:51:14

So... is that a yes or a no or a yo?


28-07-2008 08:43:59

[quotedc24288815="J4320"]So... is that a yes or a no or a yo?[/quotedc24288815]



28-07-2008 09:03:14



27-08-2008 21:12:36

? | ( cry


05-04-2009 13:39:36

i'm digging the new prodigy )