Our Biggest Promo Ever!

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27-10-2008 21:57:11

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce our newest promotion which will run throughout the month of November. We will be giving away over [u8811304d16]$1,000 worth of prizes[/u8811304d16] for this promotion making it the most Truxity has ever given away in a promotion. This promo is a Referral Race Contest and will last from [b8811304d16]Nov 1 - Nov 30 2008[/b8811304d16] with all prizes being sent out to winners on [b8811304d16]December 1st[/b8811304d16].

How it works is that for offer credits received or referrals received everyone will be be given points and who ever gets the most points by [b8811304d16]November 30, 2008[/b8811304d16] will be the winner.

[b8811304d16]nocc.truxity.net[/b8811304d16] 5 refs = 1 point
[b8811304d16]hdtv.truxity.net[/b8811304d16] 1 ref = 2 points
[b8811304d16]Points or Cashback site[/b8811304d16] 50 = 1 point
[b8811304d16]Other Site[/b8811304d16] full offer credit = 1 point, 1 ref = 1 point

[b8811304d16]GRAND PRIZE[/b8811304d16]
Sharp 32 inch LCD HDTV
[b8811304d16]or[/b8811304d16] Compaq Presario Laptop Computer
[b8811304d16]or[/b8811304d16] Playstation 3 (80GB) + 2 Games
[b8811304d16]or[/b8811304d16] $550 (Paypal, Check, or Giftcard)

[b8811304d16]2ND PRIZE[/b8811304d16]
Nintendo Wii
[b8811304d16]or[/b8811304d16] Xbox 360 Pro
[b8811304d16]or[/b8811304d16] Apple iPod Touch (16GB)
[b8811304d16]or[/b8811304d16] $250 (Paypal, Check, or Giftcard)

[b8811304d16]3RD PRIZE[/b8811304d16]
$100 (Paypal, Check, or Giftcard)

[b8811304d16]4TH PRIZE[/b8811304d16]
$50 (Paypal, Check, or Giftcard)

[b8811304d16]5TH PRIZE[/b8811304d16]
$25 (Paypal, Check, or Giftcard)

Only credits between November 1-30,2008 will be counted and a leaderboard which will be updated every few hours will be available for viewing on our sites home page truxity.net.

But thats not all! everyone who enters and has atleast 1 point in the contest will be entered into our [b8811304d16]Raffle[/b8811304d16] which will be drawn on [b8811304d16]December 1, 2008[/b8811304d16]. The prize in this Raffle will be for a [b8811304d16]Apple iPod Nano 8GB[/b8811304d16] and will be shipped same day. Winners will be contacted by e-mail to verify prize choices and shipping address.

Everyone can still order a prize as normal as well so pretty much everyone theoretically has a change to win. Broken TOS rules will result in Hold of accountas usual and disqualification in contest.

[u8811304d16][b8811304d16]HOW TO ENTER[/b8811304d16][/u8811304d16]
Register on any Site
Send a support ticket saying you want to enter the "referral contest"
Earn points by completing offers and getting referrals
If a winner have your prize shipped December 1, 2008


01-11-2008 06:40:30

Promotion has officially started. )


09-11-2008 07:27:36

Unfortunately due to lack of interest form members we are forced to cancel our referral race promo. With so little interest there is no point in letting it continue. We are sorry for the few that have entered and we hope next time we try to bring the promo back thaat it will draw more intrest which will result in the promo being able to continue all the way through. If you have questions feel free to ask us.