Brand NEW Feature and Promo! Look Now!

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19-09-2008 20:06:16

We are proud to announce that our newest feature is now available and
can be seen from our home page under videos. The Video Channels main
purpose is for us to make a interactive way to bring you helpful hints,
tips and tutorials for our users, but what fun would it be if you could
not participate? Everyone can contribute to the video channel and below
list how you may do so. A direct link to the Video Channel is HERE[=http//]HERE!

Regular user
[list719e9fd5fe]May watch all videos
May suggest a video to be added in the video channel via a thread in the video channel section of the forums
Elite Member Bronze
[list719e9fd5fe]May watch all videos
May upload videos from many other video sites like youtube
Elite Member Silver & Gold
[list719e9fd5fe]May watch all videos
May upload videos from many other video sites like youtube
May upload videos directly from own computer to Truxity server (60MB limit)
[/listu719e9fd5fe]Find out what a Elite Member is HERE[=http//]HERE.

[u719e9fd5fe][b719e9fd5fe]SPECIAL PROMO FOR PAST MEMBERS WHO ORDERED BEFORE![/b719e9fd5fe][/u719e9fd5fe][/color719e9fd5fe]
Anyone who has ordered before is eligible to receive a FREE OFFER CREDIT and a FREE T-SHIRT!. All you have to do is post a proof picture or testimonial in the correct section of our official forums and then contacting us by PM over there giving us the below information.

E-Mail Used on Truxity Account
Truxity ID Number (Number on end of your your referral link)
T-Shirts Size

T-Shirts will be ordered in bunches of no less then 5 so the more members you can help us convince other member who posted proof here before the faster you can get your shirt. You will not have to wait any longer then 2 weeks if others do not post proof after you for the minimum 5 bunch order. 1 shirt per member.