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10-06-2008 19:46:21

[b3ae047da7a]Offers right now are down.[/b3ae047da7a]
This is due to a recent update. We should have them back up hopefully within the next 24 hours.

[b3ae047da7a]Dynamic Signatures is now available[/b3ae047da7a]
We have had request for this and we have finally added this feature.

[b3ae047da7a]Free Credit Promo.[/b3ae047da7a]
Due to the down offers we have brought back this popular promo to compensate for the inconvience. This promo is valid until June 20, 2008. Like always you must be non-referred.

[b3ae047da7a]New Sites Coming[/b3ae047da7a]
Expect new sites to surface within the next few weeks.