5 NEW Truxity sites and new promotions.

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05-09-2007 11:47:06

[u51abf36a2a][b51abf36a2a]5 NEW SITES[/b51abf36a2a][/u51abf36a2a]
Truxity brings to you 5 new sites which can be seen below


[u51abf36a2a][b51abf36a2a]NEW PROMO #1[/b51abf36a2a][/u51abf36a2a]
Partial credit promo

Today - Saturday 300pm est September 8 2007

Ask us by support ticket to pay you for your refs that have partial credit by support ticket and we will do so for you within 24hrs

1 You may only order for partial credit 1 time
2 You must have a previous order
3 Partial credits will be calculated depending on site. Look below to see how we calculate.
4 Full credits will not count for partial credit and will have to be used as normal
5 It's only right you pay the referrals that got the partial credit for you.
6 This promo is available for 3 days only so hurry.

HDTV - We will calculate from a $100
OTHER SITES - We will calculate from a $50

[u51abf36a2a][b51abf36a2a]NEW PROMO #2[/b51abf36a2a][/u51abf36a2a]
Get a free credit when you ask us by support ticket for it.
This is only available for referral sites.

Today - Saturday 300pm est September 8 2007

New Members
New members to a site or with no prier orders may only receive a FREE REFERRAL CREDIT

Members With Prier Orders
Anyone who has ordered from us before may ask for a FREE REFERRAL CREDIT or FREE FULL OFFER CREDIT