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14-08-2007 19:50:51

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Truxity incentives newest Promotion is here! We know how popular YouTube is and how fun it can be to make those wacky videos. Well we have decided to make it even more fun for you to post your video on the famous video sharing site by giving everyone a incentive for doing so.

All you have to do is make a video advertising the services of Truxity and our services. Atleast 15 seconds of advertisement for Truxity is required in the first minute. Besides for the required 15 seconds of advertisement you can do what ever else you want in your video as long as it abides by YouTubes regulations. The best thing about this is we don't require you to complete any offers however you do need atleast one account at any of our sites and of course at YouTube to post your video. There is no limit on how many different videos you may enter into this contest. Once you make a video all you need to do is create a support ticket and call it "YouTibe Promo Video" and provide us with the link to your video. If your video is acceptable we will include your link on the video entry page for future voting. We will accept entrys up to September 15 or until we receive atleast 10 entrys. We will then create a poll which will be up for 1 week for people to vote on their favorite video from our entrys. Winners will have their prize shipped within 48-hours of winning.

Although not required we suggest video to be informative, original, funny and a enjoyable watch for everyone.

[b67d07d70e3]liGrand Prize [/b67d07d70e3]$100 via PayPal, Money/Order, Gift Card, or Custom Order + 1 Free Referral on the site of your choice.

[b67d07d70e3]li2nd Prize Winner [/b67d07d70e3]$50 via PayPal, Money/Order, Gift Card, or Custom Order.

[b67d07d70e3]liliMost Video Views[/b67d07d70e3] $30 via PayPal, Money/Order, Gift Card, or Custom Order.

[b67d07d70e3]lililiTruxity's Choice [/b67d07d70e3]$50 via PayPal, Money/Order, Gift Card, or Custom Order.

[b67d07d70e3]li -Votes will determine winner for prize
lili - Most video views will determine the winner for the prize
lilili -Truxity Staff will choose favorite video to determine prize winner[/b67d07d70e3]

19-08-2007 20:50:33

Still looking for entry's...

10-09-2007 14:42:38

Just a few more days left. get in those videos )