Small down time. We are updating our sites! (Truxity)

Live forum:

07-08-2007 13:25:20

If anyone is noticing any down sites please note we are currently updating our sites and we will be back up very soon (hopefully within a few hours) with new features for us on our end and our members. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

09-08-2007 08:09:04

All sites besides for hiphop and gamepoints are now back up. However only under
the url. We are working to get our url\'s to
work right now. As for now if you wish to visit our sites that work go to them
under the diamonddealsnet url.


When using a referral link replace in the link with .

This should only be temporary and everything should be working as normal within
the next few days.

11-08-2007 22:08:10

All sites are fully functional again. Now get ready because throughout the week we will be bringing A New Promo, New Offers, New Features, and New Sites! So keep a eye on us because the possibility's are endless. Have suggestions? Tells us what's on your mind.