A New Name and New Look coming

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19-07-2007 06:58:52

First off Happy Birthday To Me!!! D

Starting today we will be changing our name so throughout the day everyone should see our sites templates begin to change little by little. Through this time we do not expect to have any down time but if there is any it will not be for very long.

As for our new business name we will be going by the name TRUXITY INCENTIVES. The new main domain for our sites will be truxity.net . Although this will be the new domain everyone will still be able to go through our old domains to get to our sites.

With this news we will soon be having a new promotion a new sites so keep your eyes peeled.


19-07-2007 14:10:42

Happy Birthday...Looking forward to New sites and Promotion.


03-08-2007 14:52:15

New design has been up for a while now so what do you guys think about it? )


06-08-2007 15:37:37

I like it wink Easier to navigate. One question...Why have my free credits disappeared? Still says it but now are red?


06-08-2007 16:26:43

Hmmm it shouldn't do that. We did nothing to the database. Send me the same question via support ticket and I will check into it for you.