MAJOR UPDATES - Diamond Deals Networks -LOOK NOW!

Live forum:

15-06-2007 06:30:40

Due to the host change taking longer then expected because of complications we will be going back to our old host for the rest of the month. Our sites are back up and running so anyone signed up may continue our sites as wll as new members are welcome..

Due to the increase of fraud we as well as other freebie sites/networks are now implementing new rules effective immediately

[b632fb8e277]1) [/b632fb8e277]For the time being we will continue to pay at a 15-17 and 1-3 schedule. However for this month due to us being paid later then usual we must skip our 15-17 payouts

[b632fb8e277]2) [/b632fb8e277]Manuel Credits will no longer be accepted. Due to this it is encouraged you view our TIPS[=http//]TIPS which can be viewed at our "New Users Guide" section from our network homepage to insure you receive credit. Although this will not guarantee 100% you will get credit it will increase your chances significantly

[b632fb8e277]3) [/b632fb8e277]Anyone requesting payment other then check must provide us with a valid ID before being paid. For paypal payments we will send a .01 payment before sending payments to our members to verify the name provided to us matches the information on your paypal account. (We do not send checks right now but we will soon)
If you can not send us a ID by e-mail you may send us a copy of your ID by snail mail or by sending us a Cheque/Check

[b632fb8e277]4) [/b632fb8e277]New users will be required to wait at least 15 days before prize being shipped to prevent any last minute credit reversals.
5) [/b632fb8e277]If we find you frauding on any other networks/sites you will go on hold with us.

[b632fb8e277]6) [/b632fb8e277]We will have a phone verification system setup soon.

[b632fb8e277]7) [/b632fb8e277]Physical items will not require ID verification however we do have the right to ask for ID if we find that it is needed.

We are sorry if this seems excessive but the extremely high amount of fraudulent activity is to blame for these changes which is unavoidable.