Important news for Diamond Deals members

Live forum:

06-06-2007 09:00:34

Many of you may have noticed that our sites are having major slowdowns. This is due to our current host somehow. Due to this we will be switching to a new host. We have already brought a new service plan with another host company and will be switching all of our sites over to our new host starting today. If slowdown continues or there is any down time this could be reason for the next couple of days. Everything should be at normal if not better by Friday.

09-06-2007 06:32:43

Seems we will be down a little while longer then expected. We should be back up sometime next week. We are very sorry for this delay and inconvenience we promise we will make it up to our members once we are back up. If anyone needs to contact us you may PM us or catch us on AIM. Please do not send us a e-mail as this is not working for us at the time.

09-06-2007 19:20:41

We are back up for now so get your refs and points while you can biggrin.gif
Our switch is not yet complete but we will keep everyone updated.