Post Proof and receive Bonuses!, Diamond Deals

Live forum:

28-05-2007 09:44:33

We are now offering Bonuses for anyone who post proof of receiving gifts/payment from us. Thread must be created and bonus must be asked for within 10 days of reward being shipped/received to recieve your bonus.

$5 bonus sent to you via PayPal
Free Credit towards your next order on the site of your choice (Ref Site - Offer Credit or Referral)[/colorcd66bb6124] (Points Site - 10 Points)
liMake a post here in the forums showing proof you you received something from us
liliContact us via support ticket and ask us for the bonus and provide us with a link to the thread you made
lililiHave your bonuses sent to you within 24 hours

Please do not post your proof in this thread. Please Make a new thread to show your proof in the appropriate section.

01-06-2007 05:18:19

Just a bump for those we paid today

04-07-2007 18:40:32