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01-05-2007 06:52:53

[b03c99450a8]DIAMOND DEALS NETWORKS[/b03c99450a8] has just released our newest site and to celebrate this we are giving [b03c99450a8]10 FREE POINTS[/b03c99450a8] to those who sign up before [b03c99450a8]Saturday. May 5, 2007[/b03c99450a8]. All you have to do is sign up and ask us for them by support ticket. We will credit your account within 24hrs. thumbsup

GamePoints is your way of getting videogames of your choice for free by earning points for completing offers. Orders are unlimited.


01-05-2007 07:37:09

Wow, 10 points! I'm gonna do this site for a wii game.

BTW, when clicking view shows none.

01-05-2007 08:52:01

Ok offers should show now. there was a small glitch


01-05-2007 08:53:48

too bad there is no custom or paypal option

01-05-2007 09:03:04

we have a points site for paypal at
We will have a custom order option on our next points site coming soon

04-05-2007 11:02:02

last day!