I Need Greens On YourCamera4free...Lookin To Trade

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23-09-2009 13:58:00

I need 2 more greens on YourCamera4free.com by Trainn.

I am able to do the new Trainn site, Zune HD or whatever its called. Or I can do any other site that only requires me to complete [u60001d1186]one[/u60001d1186] offer to go green.

Please don't send me requests if your site takes more than 1 offer to reach a full credit.

I am also willing to pay you for a green on my site if you would rather do it that way.

Send me a PM if you're interested in trading.



27-09-2009 14:24:16

Do you have any other sites? (I have done all TRAINN sites)

I have the new TRAINN site yourfreezunehd.
Would love to trade with you again.


29-09-2009 19:34:29

sorry all I need is the camera site