NEED REFERRALS! Willing to trade!

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10-08-2009 12:08:43

Hi everyone. I need 8 referrals for It's pretty simple, I am willing to do any deal since I have not done others. Few things, I am new so I don't want to get scammed, so, I only wanna do trades with people that have a rating of 4 or more so I can use the trade module. If you don't have that rating and still want to do a trade, that's fine but I want you to go green first for me. Thanks, look foward to trading with a lot of you, hopefully.


12-08-2009 15:18:49

i'll do it if i can. i'm already signed up at a trainn site though. i'm at yourfreeiphone. if that's not a problem i'll do it.


29-08-2009 13:19:40

I can do your site for sure if you can do (just got a bunch new offers to make it really easy to go green) PM me if you want to trade because I might not check this thread again..