i'm a newbie.. and looking to trade with TR +10

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06-04-2009 14:06:44

Hi, i'm looking to trade referal with anyone that have TR+10.

my site is yournintendowii4free.com

i will do one of your site that offers have to be maximum of 20$ or less.

because the site i do on is from Transcendent Innovation which most offer is either free or 10$ max, so be reasonable. thanks

please PM me or MSn or AIM me.. and send me a Trading message from this site.

my MSN email==huynhk87@hotmail.comhuynhk87@hotmail.com=huynhk87@hotmail.comhuynhk87@hotmail.com/email
my AIM FlyignChicken
my email= email=Huynhk87@hotmail.comHuynhk87@hotmail.com email=Huynhk87@hotmail.comHuynhk87@hotmail.com/email

P.s. I will go first on GREEN since I'm a newbie. thank you.