Need Greens On YourIpodTouch4Free (TRAINN)..Will TRADE

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28-02-2009 14:07:17


I am a very experienced, very honest trader although I haven't done these GPT/referral sites for almost two years now. But I am back and want to work on my new TRAINN site [/sizead70eb3505]


TRAINN sites are the BEST REFERRAL SITES... EVER!!! So far, I have had nothing but great experience making money with TRAINN sites- they got tons of offers that credit fast, great support, and they always pay promptly within a few days of completing my sites.

So, if you're currently working on a TRAINN site, good for you! If not, why not sign up today and let's help each other out! I will be your first referral as I have not done these newer TRAINN sites yet[/sizead70eb3505]

All you have to do is sign up and complete an offer to green for me on my [bad70eb3505][/bad70eb3505][/colorad70eb3505] (click my signature to see the site and view the offers). Also, do not sign up from the main site. Wait until I give you my own referral link to count as my referral.

I would like to sign up in all of 5 TRAINN sites above, so this means I am going to green for 5 different people. But since I need 7 referrals to complete, I can also green for these other great sites[/sizead70eb3505]

[bad70eb3505] (lialready takenli)[/bad70eb3505][/sizead70eb3505][/colorad70eb3505]

All 7 sites above only require ONE CREDIT, FAST GREENS(CREDITS), and there are FREE OFFERS you can do as well as low-cost ones.[/sizead70eb3505]

So please PM me today so we can start working together. ( You need my green and as much as I need yours!)


If you have higher TR, I will green first but you must do your offer within 48 hours of my green.

If you are a newbie or have lower TR, then you must green first, then I will do an offer for you within 48 hours.

As always the right thing to do, if you go red, you must complete a new site for me or pay back $30 via Paypal within 48 hours of my notification that you went red.

If you have other concerns or questions, just PM me here.

My signature will show you how many referrals I still need to get my $350 from YourIpodTouch4Free.

Thanks so much for reading my thread!!![/sizead70eb3505]


10-03-2009 15:24:43

Hello i need referrals on Freeistuff. I'm unable to do a referral on Your ipodtouch4free. But can do one of the others for you


14-03-2009 20:16:47

Where have you been for the last two years?
Yes I would be interested in trading green for green.
pm or email me D