I need referrals, you need referrals. Let's Make a Deal!

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20-01-2009 22:02:35

All trades are off. I'm done with IFW sites -- just not enough money or variety in it anymore! Have fun, guys.....[/size2a879a0759]


22-01-2009 11:10:29

Are these the only sites you have available?


27-01-2009 10:21:46

Yes and no. They are the only ones that I've qualified on at the moment.

But there are two others that I've been waiting 1 week+ for confirmation, and Dollar Deal Cash and Fenominal Freebies are slowing down the process for me.


30-01-2009 13:43:07

I will do one if you can do YouriPodTouch4free


06-02-2009 16:23:10

Hi Jeff,

If you can do for me YourNintendoWii4Free, I can do for you YouriPodNano4Free. Because I have higher iTrade, you will have to green first.
PM me if you are interested.