I need a ref for yourgiftcards4free (Trainn) I can do Trainn

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22-12-2008 17:46:17

As the title says, I need a referral for yourgiftcards4free (Trainn) and I can do almost any Trainn. I will only do Trainn... sorry.

I can't do
- flashipods4free
- DVDRecorders4Free
- 3604free
- YourFreeFlatScreens
- YourPs34Free
- YourGiftCards4Free
- YourFreeiStuff

... the rest I can do.

The stipulations I will only accept a trade from someone with less TR than me (MUST have some TR) because I would prefer they go first. I don't wanna be scammed and I would feel more comfortable if they greened before I complete my offer. I'm hoping whoever agrees to trade with me will complete their offer soon because with Christmas Eve/Christmas approaching, I would be a little worried of crediting during the Holidays.

Thanks all!


23-12-2008 10:56:49

can you do innovus net?