YouriPodTouch4free for TRAINN!

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18-11-2008 14:14:31

I'm looking for YouriPodTouch4free referrals, and can do most other Trainn sites. I prefer to trade for other Trainn sites, thanks.

Sites I can't do are
360elite4free (can do if I cancel my old account)
yourfreeistuff (same as 360elite4free)

PM me if interested.

sandra habina

20-11-2008 03:38:35

GP You can not cancel an account unless you have never done an offer on it - then you ask Trainn about opening a new account with a different email addy.
I can not trade trainn sites any longer - but I do have some if you wish.
If you have any questions - feel free to PM me. Best of Luck )