Want to start YourFreeiStuff right away - Trade or Pay

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24-10-2008 11:13:04

I'm looking to start YourFreeiStuff for my boyfriend, so he will be the one signing up, and I will be helping him along. I'll basically be at his house and monitoring him doing the referral.

I'm willing to trade for any sites I need to complete, or I'm also willing to take $30, though I would prefer trades over payment.

I need the following
360elite4free (priority)

He will be able to do this referral this weekend so I need to set up this trade ASAP, as I will be over at his place during this time to help him through the process and ensure a quick green.


25-10-2008 14:31:22

Nobody needs referrals for YourFreeiStuff?


18-11-2008 14:17:02

Would you be interested in doing YouriPodTouch4free instead?