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22-10-2008 08:19:25

[bf67cc9c1b1]Its been a while folks and i'm ready to complete some offers again. Green for Green for my sites below. As per rules Lower trade scores go first which will most likely be me at this time. My sites are[/bf67cc9c1b1] [/colorf67cc9c1b1]

[bf67cc9c1b1]Let me know and i'll set up the trade.[/bf67cc9c1b1]


22-10-2008 15:15:20

Can u do YourFreeFlatScreen? send PM and let me know if we could trade,. ty


22-10-2008 20:45:40

Hey mcgrom I can do either of your two sites in return for . Being that I am new to the site and do not yet have a trading record, I am willing to go first. Let me know if you are interested in setting up a trade.