what site should i do?

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20-10-2008 02:23:25

i barely use this site so dont have much experience. i used it much more in 2005/06 so all the knowledge i have is outdated.

i had started flashipods4free but never completed it b/c did some other stuff. have tried to do it now but no one seems ready to do it. back in those days as soon as you put up a thread you'd have immediate replies, now no ones even touching that thread. any suggestions on what i can do that is in demand ie that people will be willing to trade for?

i would prefer to trade for one offer sites, which i suppose means i should also do a one offer site (not sure if thats how it works, making an assumption here). in that case if yall can advise a suitable site that'd be nice. btw im in canada, so a canada friendly site would be best.



22-10-2008 15:05:47

Hi biggie,

It will be better if u post at the Referrals section if you'd like to do green4green trades. You can PM a moderator and aske them to move your thread there. There are quite a bunch of similar 1credit/1offer sites available, so all u need to do is create a thread indicating what u need & other traders who want to trade greens will contact u.

All the best.


22-10-2008 18:38:20



24-10-2008 15:25:11