New to 'free stuff' type sites

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02-10-2008 19:59:05

I'm new to these 'free stuff' sites. My buddy turned me on to these sites and I decided to try it out. I need 7 referred people to finish I would be willing to help out on other peoples. Please let me know which ones I have to do in exchange for doing one of mine. I can't sign up for anything too costly though. Thanks.

EDIT removed referral link, thought I read all of the READ ME section but I guess I skipped over that. Anyways, if anyone is interested I am doing the http// site and need 7 referees.


02-10-2008 22:15:55

Hi there, You should read the rules before posting on the forum - No referral links AT ALL. You better get it out before your thread is locked! Doubt if you'd be faster than the moderators...

Read the rules HERE http//

good luck.


03-10-2008 05:20:41

Thanks, I fixed it up above.