Trading for TRAINNS or other

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22-09-2008 10:52:29

Hi all! Im new to this forum, but have been on other forums. If you would like to do a TRAINN for TRAINN trade or for ANY other sites let me know.


22-09-2008 13:02:46

What sites do you have to trade with? I have these three

YourNintendoWii4free, YouriPodNano4Free, & YourFreeFlatscreen [/colore106759fe6] [/sizee106759fe6]

Send PM and let me know. thanks.


22-09-2008 14:25:21

These are the sites that I have


Please let me know if you would like to trade!


27-09-2008 07:34:27

Hi there,

I am looking for referrals for YourFreeiPhone. And the sites I can do are

If you have them and can do a G4G let me know please.


29-09-2008 12:50:49

What other sites are you doing?
I have all the TRAINN and v-bux sites.
Possibly swap for another site such as wish4free or givafree


02-10-2008 19:57:49

My buddy turned me on to these sites and I decided to try it out. I need 7 referred people to finish I would be willing to help out on yours. Please let me know which ones I have to do in exchange for doing one of mine. I can't sign up for anything too costly though. Thanks.

EDIT I removed my referral link. Another question though, if nintendwiiforfree and http// are both from TRAINN, if I am doing http// already can I help someone with a trade and do one of the offers from the nintendo wii one? If so then I am willing to trade whoever on those, I just want my 350 in cash so I can buy the open pandora handheld. Please let me know, thanks.


05-10-2008 20:03:15

hey i can do dvdrecorders if anyone can do yourfreeistuff pm me