Need A Green on (Trading or Paying big $)

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21-09-2008 17:40:53

I need 3 more refs on trainn's I am willing to go green on any site that i do not have that you have that is a reasonable trade... I will also pay you $35 for your green... I really need to finish up this site, let me know if you can do it. I also need done and i will pay you $35 on that one too or do any site for you. Please just pm me and we can work something out. Thanks


22-09-2008 05:22:52

bump it up


23-09-2008 18:16:56

bump it up


23-09-2008 22:42:20

I can do your site 3604Free for my site YouriPodNano4Free. Send PM anytime & let me know.. ty


29-09-2008 17:34:31

What Trainn sites can you do?


22-10-2008 09:36:18

I can't believe your trying to trade with negative trade rating hah