My 360 elite referal for your anything referal

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16-09-2008 10:28:35

I have an account on
http// (i will give you the ref link in a PM) and I need 8 referrals. This is the first freebie site I have ever signed up for, so I can sign up to any other freebie site that you need.

Not only is this my first post here, but this is my first freebie thing-y. I am extremely skeptical but that is why I am doing one.
I would prefer if you had a good rep here to trade with. (and I would prefer someone who is willing to let me ask a few questions about the system and process)



16-09-2008 17:20:44


I'm also fairly new, but I have 3 TR rating so far and I've done 4 trades. I've mostly being doing trades for money, but I'm interested in trying out trading referral for referral.
The sites I have so far are

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.