TRADING Referals (Go green for me, I go green for you!)

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09-09-2008 22:32:00

I am looking to trade referals with anyone who needs them. I will do any referal that does not charge money (IE NetFlix offer)

Please contact me with your referal link, and once you have gone green for me, I will go green for you!

Here is my referal link - http//

Just complete the NetFlix offer and then cancel your account, and you're done!

Thanks to all those who are interested in helping!


10-09-2008 04:44:40

Hi Dave and welcome to FIGP.

There are few things I suggest you to do before mods will see your trade thread.
Fist take out the referral number. Leave only the site link. You can add beside it don't register with the site till I send you my link.
Second, since you are new here you shall know that the rule is that the trader with lower TR goes first in greening, followed by the trader with higher TR. Also if both traders have lower TR then 4 you won't be able to set the trade in Trades module, but of course you can still trade. It is just that mods won't be able to help you in case of problems.
The trades start counting for TR profile only if you trade with traders with higher TR then 4.
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can PM me/ e-mail me anytime.
Good luck here and Happy tradeing. You are among the best traders here.


10-09-2008 11:39:27

To conform with what has been said already, take out your ref links from your thread. !

I might be able to help. Send Pm and let me know which of my sites u can do. Click on my signature to see the sites I have available.

All the best.


16-09-2008 11:03:24

also take out the part about cancelling that is against the ToS.