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02-09-2008 12:32:32

want to get this nano. anyone willing to trade?

btw any recommendations for any good ipod sites?


03-09-2008 18:03:04

If you can tell me the details I may be able to join under you!

I did ipod sweepstakes which you can do for ipod shuffles, nano, itunes, iphone etc..

Just got my ipod shuffle from them! (its the prize I picked) so thats an idea. Took me only 3 weeks doing totally free offers (no credit card needed since I dont have one!) which I thought was pretty good )

Anyways let me know if I can help you and I will!


03-09-2008 20:16:18

thanks man!

tell me about this thing you're mentioning, it seems pretty cool. im in canada, can i do it? is this a prize that one may or may not win or is a definite thing?