G4G! Easy credit sites! Will trade with ANYONE!!! PLEASE!

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27-08-2008 22:51:45

Hi, my name is Nick and I am new to this forum but I am experienced on the freeforlunch forums. I'm looking to expand with sites and am now posting here as well.

I would like to trade http//cash.freeforallmankind.com for another one credit site.

Please feel free to pm for ANY questions you may have.

You can also contact me on AIM at nickchase7289

P.S. Please NO SCAMMERS! I am looking for serious traders ONLY!


27-08-2008 22:59:36

Please NO SCAMMERS? Dang it. I was gonna scam you but since you said please I can't. cry


27-08-2008 23:03:03

HA HA, very funny... Wanna Trade ??????

Honestly, I am easy going, patient, and easy to work with. If you simply pm or aim me nickchase7289 . We can just chit chat if you feel weary at all.


28-08-2008 05:54:57

Welcome abord Nick. If they will add new Canadian friendly offers I will definately look to trade with you.
Very good luck here and happy trading! There are great people here.


28-08-2008 12:11:35

Thanks for the welcome Overseas72. I look forward to working with people here )


29-08-2008 17:07:42