Looking for trade for yourps34free.com, Never traded before~

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26-08-2008 12:51:10


i need 8 referals for yourps34free.com, i never trade before, so i guess i am eligible for trading any other sites other than yourps34free.com (please correct me if i was wrong, i am new to this)...

however, since i am a newbie, i do need some instruction about it.

please go ahead PM me if you are interested, of course please include some instruciton so i can complete my part properly.



26-08-2008 19:18:05

Hi there,

Welcome to this forum and business. Yes you are eligible to trade your site. The only condition will be that if you trade with traders with higher TR then you, you will have to green first for them. If you have any question please feel free to contact me.
Unfortunately I cannot do g4g for your site as I did it already, but I can help you out answering your questions or if you ever think of being paid for green I can also help, building up your TR as well.
Once again feel free to ask me any question you have and I wish you great trading here.